05 February 2010

Thomas rides again!

Club member Thomas the indefatigable is riding in the Kiwi Brevet starting in Blenheim on Saturday 6th Feb.

What is a Brevet? From wikipedia "Brevet, or randonnée, is an organised long-distance bicycle ride in the sport of randonneuring. Cyclists - who, in this discipline, may be referred to as randonneurs - follow a designated but unmarked route (usually 200km to 1400km), passing through check-point controls, and must complete the course within specified time limits. These limits, while challenging, still allow the ride to be completed at a comfortable pace - there is no requirement to cycle at racing speeds or employ road bicycle racing strategies."

You can follow Thomas and the other randonneurs around the top half of the South Island for their 1100 km ride online:

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