22 February 2010

Short Course 2: Shorter

Round 2 of the quick and dirty short course series happened this fine New Plymouth evening at the Huatoki Domain. The track was indeed short - there shouldn't be any surprises there - and the field was roughly double last week's making for placing madness.

Line honours went to Darry - though we're pretty sure it's just because he's got flames on his bike. Round 1 winner Roger came in with a solid second to hold the Open series points lead.

Catie took the win in the Women's class, making it two from two, Cory again held off Caleb in the Juniors, and James made it two from two in the Rec class.

The trouble with a race that lasts 12 minutes is that it's hard to get photos that aren't blurry, so I'm going to call them arty. Click to enlarge if you're that way inclined.

Tune in next Monday for Round 3 at Marsland Hill. We're not meant to use the summit, but will try and keep the course a little bit interesting anyway.

There's also been a bit of interest in running these beyond the current 3-race series. We're currently scoping some additional courses with a view to making the most of the remaining 4 or so weeks until we lose the daylight savings. Watch this space.

Again good to meet some new riders - hope to see you at the next event on the calendar - 3-Hours of Mangamahoe - this Saturday 2-5pm (registration OTD only from 1.00 pm) at the Mangamahoe Trails, Plantation Road SH3 just south of NP.

Now, to find me a bike with some flames on...

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