07 February 2010

Skills clinic popular

21 women turned up at Mangamahoe yesterday for the NPMTB-led Women's Skills Course, part of the 2010 Wild West Bike Fest.  The group split into 3 bunches based on experience level and went for a ride through the Mangamahoe Trail network, focusing on dealing with the "little challenges" that popped up along the way.

Huge thanks to Sandra, Jenn and Andy for leading the groups, and the other club committee members that helped out. Considerable interest was expressed in both repeating the event and running a regular Women's ride, so watch this space, but in the meantime, head along to the Women's Skills City Ride.  It's on at Puke Ariki Landing, 5.30-7pm this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and translate your newfound off-road confidence into a road riding situation.

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