16 September 2008

Club meeting was on the 24th September!

New Plymouth Mountain Bikers – 2008-2009:

There is a lot that needs be done in the coming year to make the most of opportunities for events and track building in and around New Plymouth. Currently there are not enough active bodies to cope with all the mountain biking projects that we could get underway. If we cannot get more help, those who are willing will have to prioritise and set out to achieve what they can.

We currently have a committee fulfilling parts of the roles below, but we really welcome some keen people’s assistance to make more things happen.

The next club meeting will be advised ASAP.

The committee would like willing club members to come along and offer to take on a role as outlined below or an agreed variation. If you cannot make it but still would like to help, contact Graeme, see below:

Committee make up:
• Vacancy for President.
• Roles as per below:

Events management:
• Sunday rides.
• Trips away to other MTB venues.
• Night racing events.
• After work handicap events.
• Summer club racing 2008-2009.
• Masters Games March 2009.
• University Games April 2009.
• Taranaki Secondary Schools April 2009.
• Get2Go Challenge September 2009.

• Local business sponsorships.
• Gaming Trust applications.

Rider development:
• Organise skills courses.
• Development of rider development teams.
• MTBNZ coaching support.

Trail Maintenance:
• Trail maintenance throughout the year.
• Storage of club gear.
• Trail grading.
• Trail signage.
• Trail mapping.

Trail Development:
• Trail development plans.
• Pricing of new trail building
• Contracting trail building works out.
• Supervision of trail building.
• Free ride structures.

• Maintain and develop relationships with NPDC, TRC, DoC, MTBNZ, Service Clubs etc.
• MOU development with NPDC Parks for Mangamahoe.
• New district cemetery implications for Mangamahoe followed up.
• LTCCP submissions.

• Increase club membership.
• Publicity of events and club rides.
• Website maintenance.
• Newsletters for club members.

• Charities Commission registration.
• IRD Tax Exemption obtained.
• GST registered?
• Maintain financial records.
• File financial statements for Incorp. Society requirements.
• Pay the bills.
• Maintain membership list along with Secretary.

• Record meeting minutes.
• Clear mail box regularly.
• Distribute correspondence.
• Maintain membership and contact lists.
• Write letters etc.

Graeme Lindup
NP Mountain Bikers
Phone 06 757 2062

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