18 August 2008

Trail building is finished for now!

Jeff Carter and James Dodds from Southstar Adventures of Rotorua have completed a week's work on behalf of the club to build new trails out in the recently logged area of North Mangamahoe.

This is what the area looked like and by the end of the week, a new loop track on top of the hill was constructed with links back into the existing network in the forest. They also cleared the old 4WD track leading from the northern end of the Samurai Set down to the river flat. There they completed a small loop on top of a ridge over looking the river.

The new trails will need some packing down and you riding them now they have finished will assist.

Here are some photos of the trail building in progress:

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Anonymous said...

Well done guys for working though the red tape and getting our tracks reinstated,YAY!!!I'm just sorry I won't be here to enjoy them I'm off to the UK. I will have happy thoughts of you guys ripping up those trails, going hard! Cheers Geoff Herbert