01 March 2010

Short Course 3: Putting the Hill into Marsland Hill

Long grass, a wee bit of climbing and some residual damage from a weekend of riding made the final event in the short course race series slightly more challenging than the previous two races.

Despite that, Darry Stevens pretty much cleaned up, lapping the field despite his bike not having flames on, taking series honours in the process. Nicola Cox took out the Women's, with the series win going to Catie Lennox.

Caleb Davis took out the Junior series, despite Daniel Cleland taking the win this week, and James Pritchard put in another solid performance and conquered his aversion to stair gaps to nail the Rec class.

The series enabled us to use some of the lesser known mountain biking spots around town, with the consent of the New Plymouth District Council.  Big thanks must also go to Mitchell Cycles Avanti Plus for their generous support, and NPDC's Wild West Bike Fest for additional support.

While the races were decidedly lo-fi, it's been great to see some not-so familiar faces turn up - if it's something you're keen to see more of then let us know in the comments section below.

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Anonymous said...

Yes some more races would be fun! Maybe once a month or every second monday? Its possibly something we could do over winter with lights?