25 November 2009

Track for 6-Hour race announced

The New Plymouth Mountain Bikers are stoked to announce the trail for the upcoming 6-Hour Teams cross-country race, 6 December at the Lake Mangamahoe Trails:
  1. Start at gravel car park
  2. Start loop down gravel towards river before turning left into Kiwi Trail (this short section is for the start lap only, and is to spread the riders out going into the singletrack).
  3. Follow Kiwi Trail to the main gravel road (Shane and Craig have created a special treat at this point), before rejoining the Kiwi Trail and following back to Kea Trail.
  4. Turn left off the Kea Trail into Hudson’s Alley.
  5. Exit of Hudson’s onto the gravel road and turn right into the first 4wd track.
  6. Turn right into Blue Duck and into the Hihi Trail.
  7. Near the end of the Hihi, turn right into the Club Link Trail which joins back into the Kea Trail.
  8. Follow the rest of the Kea Trail and cross the gravel road back into the end of the Kiwi Trail.
  9. Change riders and repeat.
The course is approx 6.5km long.

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