22 June 2009

AGM held on 17th June

14 people came along to the first AGM of NP Mountainbikers Inc. The outgoing Management Committee presented their report and the proposed Strategic Plan was adopted by the meeting.

The following were elected to be the club's officers for the 2009-2010 year:

President: Graeme Lindup
Secretary: Lian Brownson
Treasurer: Sandra Wunder

The following volunteered to be on the Management Committee:

Kylee Burgess
Joel Chamberlain
Antony Rhodes
Craig Treanor
Carl Whittleston
Shane Wilson

Below are links to:

  • 2008-2009 Management Committee's report
  • Strategic Plan 2009 onwards

2008-2009 Committee Report

Strategic Plan 2009 Rev 1

The updated 2009-2010 membership form is now available for downloading off the side bar with the membership grades and fees as set at the AGM:

  • Family $35/year
  • Senior $30/year
  • Junior $10/year
  • Supporter $10/year

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