20 March 2008


The club is now an incorporated society. The Department of Economic Development has issued a certificate of incorporation.

The reasons for forming the club into an incorporated society were:
1. More able to obtain funds from charitable trusts etc for improving mtb infrastructure in Taranaki.
2. Able to have a formal agreement with NPDC re the management of Mangamahoe Forest recreational area.
3. Able to employ contractors more easily to undertake track building and maintenance work with funds raised.
4. Members will not be personally liable for the debts, contracts or other obligations of the society.
5. The society will continue as a separate legal entity even though it’s membership changes.
6. The society can lease, rent, buy or sell property under the society’s own name.
7. No member of the society can have personal rights or interest in any of the assets of the society.

The approved constitution can be downloaded from:


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