11 May 2007

New map of the tracks at Lake Mangamahoe available!

The current MTB trail network for the Mangamahoe Forest is currently being mapped using gps technology. The latest results of these efforts has been superimposed on a Google Earth view of the area. Some additional tracks have been added since the weekend.

The map can also be downloaded by clicking on the following link:


Best printed on a colour printer at this stage.


hairy monster said...

That's much appreciated effort from that man.

Anonymous said...

Whats the go with the areas marked up as "Bridal Trail" at the Lake - I note that the signs exclude 'us' but allow horses - Ive never seen a horse up there in 2 years???

Perhaps I was naughty when I rode it today! :) But then I notice they are marked on this map as being ridable?!?!? Help!

New Plymouth Mountain Bikers Club said...

The areas marked as bridle tracks have been done so by the NPDC supposedly for the use of horse riders. This appears to have been done without the NPDC talking to the equestrian bodies whether what they were providing is what they wanted. Hence there isn't a lot of use by horse riders.

We have put them on the map as they are ridable and don't have a lot of use by others. Just take a bit of care as there may be the odd stray horse!

Anonymous said...

The tracks over on the equestrian side are to show a link through to hydro road and a nice piece of single track and downhill that link to the MTB area. It would be nice to get together with the equestrian people and talk it through in an ideal world. Shared use of the space (on separate tracks)works at the craters of the moon?

Nuttykiwi said...

Great effort team. It's been years since we've ridden up your way. Might be time to schedule a trip up your way... if only to try out the new map and trails.