10 January 2007

Track reclaiming work continues at Mangamahoe Forest MTB park

Track reclaiming work has continued in the Lake Mangamahoe forest using the gear purchased with a grant from Ground Effect Clothing. The XC track that was in the area between the clay hill and Plantation Road (ex SH3) at the south end of the forest is in the process of being re-opened and re-developed.

The trees in the area closest to the lake have been pruned by contractors and the newly cut tracks had a lot of the pruned branches across them but these have now been cleared. Also the grass and blackberry has been growing back on the new tracks but this is being trimmed back during January also. However, if you are in the area, it would be great if you could spend a short time with a grubber or a weed-eater and do some blackberry clearing and grass cutting.

More track reclaiming work has taken place south of the water intake access road that leads down to the river. This work will continue in January taking advantage of the hopefully better weather. The committee are investigating funding the hire of rotary hoes or tillers to turn over the top centimetres of the cleared tracks to permit more effective grooming and shaping of the tracks.

Once a reasonable section of gorse and blackberry have been cleared and turned over, we will send out a call for help in grooming the paths – so watch out for announcements on this and the Vorb website and we will send out emails calling for assistance to those on the club’s email database.


Haymaker said...

Hay Making at Mangamahoe -

Track clearing work continued this week with work being done Monday and Thursday. The work consisted of clearing back the blackberry and long grass that has grown since the initial pass through and the track grooming work.

There is still some to be done and the gorse needs knocking back - it is on the ToDo list.

Haymaker #2 said...

More of the track reclaiming work was carried out over the weekend. The grass cutting/haymaking was completed for most of the track plus some gorse was trimmed back with pruning shears.

Thanks to Les Thorn who came out on his day off and had some fun with the petrol powered weed eater.